Recruitment team training

Train your recruitment team to achieve better results.

About the training

Why should I train my recruiters? The fact is, if you want to be the best in your industry, you need to have the best people in your team.

Training your recruiters will increase their productivity. If their productivity is better, your clients will be even more satisfied.

If you run a recruitment agency, you should know that recruiters are your biggest asset. Be smart, invest in your people.

 How it works? After you say YES to our offer, we organize the training which usually takes place at your premises.  

Our consultant will work with your recruiters on your cases – 4 intense sessions:

Session 1 – Sales training
Session 2 – Selection process
Session 3 – Job advertising workshop
Session 4 – Case studies


Recruitment team training

Sales for HR agencies

Selection process

Job advertising

3 reasons to join

Reason 1

Your recruiters will achieve better results, which will lead to higher revenue.

Reason 2

Stay competitive in your market on recruiting services.

Reason 3

Our consultants will work on YOUR cases.

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What others say about us?

  • “As a HR agency, we have a lot of job openings. I was amazed by their candidate sourcing service and flexibility.”

    A. Feitsma
    SHI group

  • “It really improved my view on HR in our company.”

    B. Coli
    Waldhotel Davos

  • “We’ve dropped our CPH for 20% since we started working with Xpress Job. Amazing experience.”

    B. Spaqi
    Morosani Posthotel


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