Hiring process optimization

Lower your CPH and save money while hiring top talent, FASTER.

About the program


A fast, streamlined and consistent hiring process is essential to any successful company.

If you’re unable to source candidates, evaluate their skills and set up interviews quickly, the best talent may end up working for your competitor.

Successful businesses, understand that you can learn a lot by measuring recruiting performance over long periods of time. This is key to improving your overall hiring process.

BUT, it is not enough if you just measure your performance, you should also interpret the results and take action. Don’t worry, we can show you how.

How it works? 

After you say YES to our offer, we organize the training which usually takes place at your premises.  

Our consultant will work with you on your cases – 4 intense sessions:

Session 1 – Candidate sourcing
Session 2 – Candidate skills evaluation
Session 3 – Interviews
Session 4 – Case studies


Hiring process optimization

Candidate sourcing

Candidate skills evaluation


3 reasons to join

Reason 1

Lower your CPH(Cost-Per-Hire).

Reason 2

Save time while hiring TOP candidates.

Reason 3

Improve the quality of hire.

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What others say about us?

  • “As a HR agency, we have a lot of job openings. I was amazed by their candidate sourcing service and flexibility.”

    A. Feitsma
    SHI group

  • “It really improved my view on HR in our company.”

    B. Coli
    Waldhotel Davos

  • “We’ve dropped our CPH for 20% since we started working with Xpress Job. Amazing experience.”

    B. Spaqi
    Morosani Posthotel


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