Hiring process optimization

Lower your CPH and save money while hiring top talent, FASTER. A fast, streamlined and consistent hiring process is essential to any successful company. If you’re unable to source candidates, evaluate their skills and set up interviews quickly, the best talent may end up working for your competitor. Successful businesses, understand that you can learn a lot by measuring recruiting performance over long periods of time. This is key to improving your overall hiring process. BUT, it is not enough if you just measure your performance, you should also interpret the results and take action. Don’t worry, we can show you how.

Employer branding

Turn your company reputation in a talent magnet. Attract industry experts easier.

How will tomorrow’s workforce describe you? In a world where talent has no shortage of options, you need to differentiate your brand. Your employer brand is the collection of human experiences with your organization.

To stand out as an employer, you must have a deep connection with the people you aim to attract and authentic engagement with your own employees. You should know that employees are your biggest asset. Be smart, invest in your people.

Recruitment team training

Train your recruitment team to achieve better results. Why should you train your recruiters? The fact is, if you want to be the best in your industry, you need to have the best people in your team. Training your team of recruiters will increase their productivity. If their productivity is better, your clients will be even more satisfied. If you run a recruitment agency, you should know that recruiters are your biggest asset. Be smart, invest in your people.

Your personal recruiter

See our candidate catalogue or let us recruit candidates for your positions.
Perfect for...

  • HR agencies & recruitment teams

– Save hours browsing through outdated CVs.
– Focus on hiring top candidates.
– Build your own quality candidate database.

  • Founders & CEOs

– Don’t spend your precious time browsing through LinkedIn.
– Hire only top candidates in your industry.

"Hire now!" - Candidate catalogue

For Xpressjob, recruitment is a way of life. We identify prospect candidates who fit a specific target profile.

So if you urgently need a candidate for your open position(s), feel free to browse through our  catalogue of recruited candidates who are ready for your job offer. We combine data science and human expertise to provide you with this service.

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