Recruitment consulting that gives results

Our main focus is digital recruitment and employer branding.
We help you with tailor-made solutions and candidate sourcing.

about us

What we offer?

Our main focus is digital recruitment and employer branding.
We offer you recruitment consulting and candidate sourcing.

Why us?

We offer tailor-made services based on your case and your needs.

Hire a consultant, that will integrate in your team and understand you company culture. 

How will you benefit?

If you work with us, you will have:

  • Faster recruitment process.
  • Good employer brand.
  • Lower cost per hire.



Recruitment marketing

Hiring process optimization

Tracking your employee satisfaction

Candidate sourcing

Recruitment team training

1-on-1 consulting

Candidate catalogue

Browse through our database of shortlisted candidates and hand-pick only ones that fit your requirements. Pay only for candidates you have selected.


ON-demand sourcing

You couldn’t find a suitable candidate in our catalog? We will provide tailor-made candidate sourcing for your position(s). You will recieve a list of candidates that will fit your requirements.

We source internationally from all major social media websites and our CV databases.

How it works

Case details

You tell us your requirements. Together we analyze the case and identify the pain-point of your recruitment process.


We prepare a tailor-made solution for you.
A transparent, step by step strategy, that will get you from point A to point B.


This part of the process is all about achieving results and taking action. It is time to execute the plan. 


Together we analyze the results of our work and track your progress through each phase of the process.

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