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    Cost effective service! Suitable for small and local businesses.
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By Lynda Spiegel, Rising Star Resumes I admit that resume writing isn’t an exact science. Everyone who looks at your resume is going to have his or her personal perspective on whether or not it’s a compelling marketing tool. But since this is your resume we’re talking about, it’s got to be more than a compelling read; it’s got to get you in the door for an interview so you can sell yourself as the answer to the recruiter’s search for the perfect candidate. And your resume has about 3 seconds to do that – because that’s the length of time during which the decision is made whether to read it further, or delete it.   So how about writing your resume from the perspective of...
Posted on 2015. Aug. 10

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Bardhyl Coli, Hotel manager Waldhotel-Davos & Vitznauerhof-Vitznau Switzerland
""From my first interaction with Xpress Job, I realized the company was fully committed to offering the professional level of service to its clients. When I was looking for 3 specific staff members, I found and hired all of them through Xpress Job website in the matter of few clicks. The service offered by Xpress Job was very flexible, candidates was well sorted so I could dedicate my time only to suitable candidates. In the future we will definitely use Xpress Job for our needs. I recommend this website to anyone who wants to save time and find the right candidates.""